Beatrice C. , Lubbock, TX on 10/07/2016

Beatrice said the business was very nice and friendly. She liked the service. The service was great and the experience was awesome.

Jimmy S. , Texas on 10/12/2016

Jimmy said this business did a good job. He was really pleased. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. He will use them again.

Emily F. , Lubbock, TX on 09/15/2016

Emily said this business did a really good job. She appreciates them for being really straight with her and getting her vehicle in quickly.

Susan B. , Lubbock, TX on 09/01/2016

Susan said this business is very honest and did a very good job for her. She stated honesty is very important to her. She will recommend them to the business she works for to provide service for their vehicles because of their honesty.

John V. , Lubbock, TX on 08/27/2016

John said he has been dealing with this business for a while and they always take care of him. They don’t try to sell him something he doesn’t need.

Derron J. , Texas on 08/17/2016

Derron said the business is very friendly and Justin was great. They got the job done in a timely manner and he will certainly be going back.